Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kena Love - First lady of 2nd Generation - [2G]

Born in raised in Hartford CT for 18yrs of her life, the musically talented Kena has made it her priority to live life in the "City of Dreams". Now at age 20 she has realized that if she really wants to make it in the cold music industry, she would have to buckle down & make hits. Around age 15 she began writing poetry to express the way she felt & all the emotions that were bottled up inside. At that very moment of touching that pen & paper she knew she wanted to become a writer in some way. Kena didn't start off wanting to rap; She started off wanting to become a ghostwriter. As she grew older her drive & passion for music increased. At age 20 today she has done collaborations with some talented Upcoming & Inspired Music Artist. Kena will continue to make music & keep it in her dreams & goals.

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