Sunday, January 8, 2012

Luke D

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Lucas Diaz (known as Luke D) is a 19 year old musician with hopes of making it big one day. As a child, Luke's favorite rapper was, and still is today, Marshall Mathers more formally known as Eminem. The first time he listened to Eminem he realized that he wanted to become a rapper. Other influences include Jay-Z, Biggie, Nas, and Mos Def. Ironically, growing up Luke always had a speech impediment. After many speech therapy sessions, he eventually overcame his stutter in high school. Luke D is one of the few young artist apart of 2nd Generation (more commonly known as 2G). Luke has already released his first mixtape "Divine Intervention" and is currently working on his second, "Identities of a Gemini". 2G as a whole has potential to become great, if not one of the greatest, their drive and ambition with their love for music can take them far in this hip-hop game which is starting to lack luster.

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