Monday, January 9, 2012

Rich Ryan: CEO of 2G Enterprise

Rich-Ryan is the CEO of 2G Productions. He co-founded this enterprise with Matthew Martinez, also known as Young Hookz from Sha’ir. Born and raised in Brooklyn but moved to New Jersey at the age of 14, the change in scenery didn’t stop him from doing what he knew best and that was music. He started writing rhymes in the 10th grade, but that’s not all he did. He played instruments, the drums and the guitar to be exact. No matter what Rich-Ryan did, music was involved. He now also trains to be a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, which takes long hours and hard work. He keeps the busiest making sure the 2G enterprise expands as far as possible, which is no easy task for a 19 year old. With hard work, dedication and taking the 2G Empire under his wing, this young CEO has many plans to achieve nothing but pure greatness.

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